Home Buyers

home-buyersNo matter whether you are upgrading or downsizing, this decision is always hard as you are quite often leaving not just a house but your home full of memories.

The hardest part i find with most of my clients making this move is selling verses, and buying with time matching, loan payouts, getting a deposit for the new home, settlement dates matching, getting the right price for your home and paying the right price for your new one. The last thing you need is to spend all the time at banks changing things around running backwards and forwards with documents, approvals, releases, wasting valuable time in which you could be spending to look for you next ideal home. This is where i come in as your personal broker i do the runnig for you, making sure the old loan is paid out, making sure funds are released for the deposit on your new home. I will set things up with a plan so you know where you stand with time frames, funds and where you are going next.

Even if you are just thinking about relocating and want to discuss your options, we can do this just over a coffee.

As your personal broker i can set up everything for you from:

  • Releasing equity from your current home
  • Setting up your new home loan and seeing it to the end
  • Setting up a solicitor to take care of your sale and purchase
  • Introducing you to the right real estate agent for the sale and purchase of your new home
  • I can even organize you storage facility and revivalist if needed and disconnection and reconnection of your utilities

Now is a great time to look at interest rates and make that move. Houses seem to be on the rise and stable and there are quite a lot of bargains out there at the moment with home loans and property purchasing.