First Home Buyers


Let’s take the first step together

There is nothing more exciting than getting into your very first home, from start to finish this is something that you will always remember and it will only ever happen once.

This is an experience than can both be rewarding and scary, but in the long run it will be worth it. Imagine picking your paint colours, your furniture for your new home, inviting friends over for that first ever dinner party/BBQ in your very own home, hanging your family and friends pictures on the wall and no one telling you that you can’t, designing you bedroom or your first ever nursery.


At the moment there are some great incentives for first buyers and some great deals to take advantage of. If excitement is what you are after but not sure where to start, hear all these scary stories about large deposits saving and saving and never quite meeting the mark because things change every time you get close to that savings goal. This doesn’t have you be the way things are. Yes there are some obstacles that the banks betray to you, but if you know the facts you can make it to your dream home sooner than you realise. Are you not sure where you stand and don’t know who to ask or how to find out? Just give me a call, it never hurts to ask!

Getting the home loan is only one part of purchasing your new home. There are real estates to meet, houses to see, decisions to be made, I can assist you with all this too. I can even get you property reports, sales history and find out everything you need to know on a house you are looking at. If it needs renovations I can even get you a quick no obligation quote for anything you want to change. When you have access to all this it makes your decision easier and more certain. I can get you a VIP Real Estate Agent Service where that person will do all the searching for you and will eliminate all those properties that don’t fit your criteria.