Investment Property

investment propertyPurchasing an investment property can be an effective means to reducing your personal income tax. Please check with your accountant for the finer details.

Most people these days are buying investment property as security for their future; however there are many reasons why they make the decision to get into the investment property market:

For their family

  • To save for their future
  • To start a portfolio
  • To increase their income

No matter what the reasons are there can be some great rewards in taking this first step if it’s done right. There are many loans on the market just for this reason. If you own your home did you know that you can take the equity from your first property to purchase your second?

Are you at home living with your parents, and over 18 years working fulltime and are quite content to stay there but don’t want to miss the property market? You can purchase an investment property, i can show you how!

With a great interest rate and different sorts of loans to choose from this can become a reality, earning you a great rental return.